Trestle Table

Our trestle table is spacious and elegant, perfect for friends and family gathering together for a festive meal. The top is supported by two trestles connected by a longitudinal bar. This allows for ample leg room underneath, especially when you have to squeeze in those two extra guests at the last minute!

The one inch trestle top is finished from inch and a half matched cherry planks. A pinstripe inlay of contrasting maple outlines the outside perimeter. Along the cherry longitudinal bar we have designed three unique “half pedestal” supports which help keep the expansive top flat and sturdy. The longitudinal bar is joined to the two trestles with through tenons, each of which is cross-pinned with a maple wedge. These wedges can be removed to break down the table into four pieces - two trestles, top and longitudinal bar.

Our table is designed for a large group of people sitting in comfort, whether in a library, an office, or a diningroom. We will size it to fit your needs.

We use traditional joining techniques. Our finish is boiled linseed oil and paste wax. Linseed oil provides protection and reveals the depth of grain in the wood with a lustrous gleam. The final coat of wax highlights and further protects the wood.

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