Side Chair

Family and friends can sit in comfort on our colorful cotton webbed chairs. The heavy-duty cotton canvas webbing, still used by the Shakers, has been around for hundreds of years. Shaker Tape is durable, comfortable, and comes in a wide selection of colors. Choose the right color or colors to match your kitchen or your dining room... or office, hallway, bedroom - our chair is versatile! Its clean straight lines add simple elegance to any room.

The frame of our chair is uniquely designed to gain maximum comfort from Shaker tape. We position the front and back stretchers of the seat lower than its side stretchers. When we weave the tape onto these off-set stretchers a natural saddle shape is created. The back is woven on two curved stretchers; the resulting subtle compound curve in the weave provides excellent lumbar support. We weave the tape extremely tightly onto the frames to ensure that the seats and backs will remain firm with continued use.

The seat height of our side chair is 19 1/2" (approximately 1" higher than a standard chair) to match the height of our kitchen tables. The seat height can be adjusted to your needs, as can the width and depth. We place a footrest a few inches off the ground for comfort... perfect for supporting that large bowl of peas in your lap that you have to shell in time for supper!

We build our chair using traditional joining techniques; tenons cross-pinned in square mortises. Our finish on the wood frame is boiled linseed oil and paste wax. Linseed oil provides protection and reveals the depth of grain in the wood with a lustrous gleam. The final coat of wax highlights and further protects the wood. Our chair is designed to absorb hard use gracefully.

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