Rocking Chair

Our high back rocker combines craftsmanship, beauty and comfort. Its lines are clean and simple. Each runner is constructed from a single piece of wood which is resawn into slats. These slats are laminated together and molded into a curve. We carefully preserve the original grain pattern in the wood. Our laminated runners are strong and produce a smooth gentle rock.

The Shaker Tape we use on the seat and back is a heavy-duty cotton canvas that is durable and comfortable. As in our side chair, a saddle shape is woven into the seat, and a subtle compound curve gives excellent lumbar support in the back.

We build our rocker using traditional joining techniques; tenons cross-pinned in square mortises. Our finish on the wood frame is boiled linseed oil and paste wax. Linseed oil provides protection and reveals the depth of grain in the wood with a lustrous gleam. The final coat of wax highlights and further protects the wood.

Sit back in our rocker and and put your feet up on one of our footstools. Let your head rest against the high back, your arms on the arm rests. Find a good book, close your eyes and take a snooze.

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