Rectangular Table

Our kitchen table designs have evolved from time spent in the kitchen as well as a love for fine woodworking. In our house the kitchen is the gathering room where we cook, eat, read, do homework, laugh, and spend hours talking with friends. We converge around the kitchen table, a solid wood piece that brings warmth into our midst.

Though our tables are designed for heavy utility work, they maintain clean lines, grace and elegance. The tops are finished from 2" thick matched maple planks. Inspired cooks can gather around to chop and knead on the hard surface. The wood will darken and glow with continued use, aging gracefully over the years.

Our rectangular table is available in different sizes. We choose hard rock maple for the top because of its density and tight grain. The table is constructed with traditional joinery, including tenons cross-pinned in square mortises. Each drawer is hand dovetailed. Its front is cut from the skirt so that the grains of the two pieces match when assembled.

Each leg is banded with a maple inlay. We inlay our maple tops with a narrow strip of contrasting wood along the outside perimeter; a cherry inlay for a cherry base, an oak inlay for an oak base, etc. The drawer handle is solid maple to match the top, and doubles as a towel rack.

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