Arm Chair

Our arm chair is a wider deeper version of our side chair. The arm rests are carefully positioned for maximum comfort. As in our side chair, a saddle shape is woven into the seat and a subtle compound curve gives excellent lumbar support in the back. Sink back into this chair and relax!

We build our arm chair using traditional joining techniques; tenons cross-pinned in square mortises. Our finish on the wood frame is boiled linseed oil and paste wax. Linseed oil provides protection and reveals the depth of grain in the wood with a lustrous gleam. The final coat of wax highlights and further protects the wood. This chair is designed to absorb hard use gracefully.

We designed our arm chairs for the diningroom, but customers have also chosen to use them in the kitchen, at a desk or writing table, in the livingroom, or in the office around a conference table. One customer requested arm chairs tall enough for a 36" counter in her kitchen - arm chair stools! However you use our arm chair, you will delight in its comfort. Have fun choosing colors!

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